Sam Kelly is one of the hottest properties on the UK folk scene at the moment, and I’m absolutely delighted to have him on board with this project! After being runner-up in Britain’s Got Talent (the dog that won wasn’t available to be in the band), Sam switched his attention to folk music. Having had a session on the Radio 2 Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe with The Sam Kelly Trio, and an album on its way, Sam is definitely becoming a must-see performer in his own right. And now with me. Hopefully.


I first met Toby at the Hoy-at-Anchor Folk Club in Leigh-on-Sea, where he turned us as the support act with a full band and made Greg and I not want to go on stage. He is a phenomenally talented multi-instrumentalist who can play absolutely anything (seriously, you name it, he plays it) and he helped me with a lot of the arrangements on the new album. With his flute and whistle playing drawing comparisons with Mike McGoldrick, I’m thrilled to have the fantastic Mr Shaer in my line-up!



Giles Deacon is, hands down, one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. We first met at our school’s orchestra, in which Giles was the “Lionel Messi” figure. Put any music in front of him and he can play it. He worked with Greg and I on our Live concert DVD, and after a taste of folk music, he was craving more. And being paid, I suppose.

Giles and I have a team on the FIFA video game called “Fiddling Asians”. It is as fantastic as it sounds.


Eden also went to the same high school and college as Giles and I, and is one of the most energetic percussionists I’ve ever met. It’s quite astonishing how his hands can be so dexterous but the rest of his body is incredibly clumsy. Eden has experience drumming for all sorts of music, whether it be heavy rock or Les Mis, and I’m hoping to incorporate both of those styles into my live set. Eden’s day job is being a farmer.